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Name the Bluhh-oggg

Name the Bluhh-oggg


While still in the concept phase, Double D Ranch held a Name the Blog contest through Facebook to help us brainstorm and come up with a name for our online journal. Even though we didn't make our final selection from those submissions there was one suggestion that pretty much summed up the focus of our lives and became the framework for this self-publication:


In that order. With that being said, I know I have a marketing director somewhere in Dallas pulling his hair out about right now. Ok, Alan; I can use the Faith word.


Yes, God is amazing and has been the strong right arm guiding and protecting all aspects of my Faith, Family, Friends, and Fashion. He is everything and I want to give Him the glory by dedicating a section to Faith. What I am thinking, (and please give me your feedback, no, not yours Alan) is that this section will hold journaling of God's wonders in my personal life and the life of Double D Ranch.  I also want to put up a running list of prayer requests so we can all be praying for one another. Let me know what you think.


Next, is the part of the blog is dedicated to family. Many of you have expressed interest in the family and bemoan the cancellation of our monthly postcards and newsletters. (It was Alan's idea.) This portion of the journal will keep you abreast of the McMullen family. Everyone has promised to contribute and even though Mom says she can't write, she will share her family recipes and pictures from her garden.  (You won't want to miss the Fighting Cranberries recipe as well as the story behind it!) Both Hedy and Audrey will add some of their hilarious antidotes and I can promise you, they are entertaining. 


Our friend section will be focused on you, the other part of our family and on celebs, we have dressed for film and stage. I want to feature pictures and video clips of friends in their favorite Double D Ranch jackets along with the interesting stories behind them. (You won't want to miss Imogene and her car wreck story - it is unbelievable!) So start digging up your best party pic or shoot a small video clip telling us your story. If we choose to publish it we will send you a DDR gift certificate or a cool tee.


And finally, we will get down to business in the fashion portion of the journal.  I will take you behind the scenes and look at the inspiration and history of Double D Ranch twenty years in the fashion industry. You will get to peek inside our upstairs library and get a glimpse of the vast collection of antique textiles and western memorabilia.  We will also pull some of the greats out of the storage/archive and look back at the inspiration and marketing behind these pieces as well.  Then going forward, I will keep you up to date with trends and what editors are forecasting for your closet as well as what is happening on the runways here and in Europe. I promise that all posts will not be this lengthy. l'l try to keep it short and sweet with lots of great imagery. I welcome feedback and any ideas you want to give.   So let's get going and have some fun! l

Side Note: Jennifer Meis Tyler of Victoria, Texas is the lucky winner of the 'Balalaika' tee.  She submitted the Faith, Family, Friends, and Fashion concept.  And let me not forget my favorite marketing guru in the whole-wide-world, Alan Lidji, for the perfect blog name, DOUBLE TALK.



Laura Shepherd - May 16, 2016

I LOVE the divisions of your Blog representing, FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS & FASHION. You’ve got your priorities straight and God will honor your business. Take for example another company that has chosen to continue to honor God in all they do: Chick-Fil-A. The fast food business is a highly competitive business, much like the fashion industry. However, through thick and thin they have chosen as a company to be closed on Sundays to “Keep the Sabbath Holy”. They have never wavered from this position. And, God has blessed their businesses a thousand times over. Thank you for being bold in your faith and in your fashion. May God bless you and Double D Ranch for years to come. Laura

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Thanks Alan, that’s a BIG compliment coming from you! BTW: my ‘Alan’ digs are good humored; you know I love you. – Cheryl

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Thanks Jennifer for your concept. We think it is perfect too!

Jennifer Meis Tyler - May 16, 2016

Yea! So excited that you like the “Faith, Family, Friends and Fashion” It is so fitting for you all and what you stand for. Thanks for all you do!

Cheryl - May 16, 2016

Laura, thank you so much for your nice comment. We too, love Chick-Fil-A for their faith stand and their chicken! We have been able to get a first hand look at Mr. Cathy and his company through Dr. Jay Strack’s Student Leadership University. They are an amazing company.

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