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Miscellaneous, Swag Bag, 2023, 796


Couldn’t make it to the 2023 Meetup? Or maybe you did get to come and wish you could’ve gotten your hands on an extra swag bag? (We don’t blame you, this was one of our favorite combos yet.) Well, you’re in luck – for the first time ever, we are assembling some extras and making them available for purchase. Treat yourself to a cool commemorative silk scarf, a fun collectible patch, darling shortie socks, and our version of Oprah’s Favorite Things this year is this ultra-awesome why-didn’t-we-think-of-that face washing splashguard set of headband and wristbands! You have the option of buying a bundle with or without flip flops – while supplies last.

  • scarf- 100% silk
  • patch- chenille embroidery, custom print
  • sock- custom print, one size fits all
  • makeup headband and wrist band- one size fits all
  • features: custom Double D Print
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