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Miscellaneous, Book Ends, Native American Scout, Kronheim & Oldenbusch, Vintage, Early 20th Century

Add some southwestern style to your shelf with these early-1900s era vintage bookends. The colorful creations were the work of a well-known company called Kronheim & Oldenbusch, known for their creative bookends. This pair depicts Native American scouts, made from metal with felt base.
K & O Metal Novelties Company was in business from 1895 to 1939. They produced colorful and imaginative bookends from gray metal and bronze. Most of their bookends were produced between 1928 and 1935. K&O s bookend molds are now owned by Philadelphia Manufacturing.
  • artist: Kronheim & Oldenbusch Co. 
  • paper label: MFRS OF O & K Co. ARTGOODS
  • materials: metal with felt bottoms
  • dimensions: 5.0" wi x 6.5" H x 4.25" D
  • nice vintage condition
  • scratches and marks throughout
  • dirt and dust accumulation
  • style: JM282
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