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Miscellaneous, Artifact, Breastplate, Hairpipe, Plains, Vintage, Early 20th Century, 728

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Hair pipe bone breastplate. Breastplates are crafted from long bone beads which are strung on strong cord with spacer beads and leather between them. Although breastplates did not always provide the Native American warriors the necessary protection against bullets or arrows, they were revered for their decorative qualities and are still made to this day. This one is an older one however. APPROX AGE: First half 1900s.

  • affiliation: Plains
  • materials: hairpipe, glass beads, rawhide, sinew
  • dimensions: width: 10", length: 12"
  • nice vintage condition
  • hairpipe & beads are secure
  • leather is slightly stiffened
  • surface wear commensurate with age
  • wear from ethnographic use
  • style: Misc728

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