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Art, Watercolor on Artist Paper, #203 Southwestern Pots, Joyce Ritchey, 1303


This piece of artwork is a true joy to look at. Joyce Ritchey has done a wonderful job of bringing such life into this painting. It consists of three pots, a Cruz Red Bluff, Acoma Jar, and an Anasazi Black-on-White all of different sizes. Each of them were created with a neutral color base of beautiful watercolors and intricate details. Completing the piece is a simple wood frame for a sleek and classy finish. A painting like this is sure to be a great addition to any room. 

Joyce Ritchey (Victoria, Texas), Southwestern pots: Cruz Red Bluff, Acoma Jar, and Anasazi Black-on-White; watercolor on artist paper

Pots l to r: Cruz Red Bluff (700-900 AD), Acoma Jar (1900) Anasazi Black on White (100-1250 AD)

  • artist: Joyce Ritchey, Victoria, Texas
  • materials: watercolor on artist paper, wood frame
  • dimensions: site 10" x 16", frame 16" x 22"
  • nice condition
  • style number: Art-1303
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