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February 13, 2022 1 min read

Not all styles are meant for every body type. Not everyone can wear every color palette. But if there’s one element of fashion we can all get behind, it’s fringe!

It’s got dimension, it’s got movement, it’s got pizazz. It adds something to an outfit in a way that no other embellishment does.

“Fringe has always been important to our aesthetic,” explained Cheryl. “Obviously, it’s not exclusive to the whole western lifestyle look, but I do think it’s essential to it. Part of what makes DDR who we are is that it stands out, that it catches your eye. What’s the saying, ‘if you can’t spot it from across the street, it’s not worth wearing’? I mean, what’s more eye-catching than fringe?”

In addition to making us want to shimmy and sway, fringe has a subtle superpower.

“Fringe can actually be very flattering,” Cheryl said. “Now, down the arm of a jacket, no, that’s just for fun, but on, say, a skirt it can draw the eye right where you want it to go and away from where you don’t. Same with a pant. Also, by having volume itself, fringe can camouflage. It’s a win-win!”

While it’s always been a key component of DDR design, it’s likely you’ll start to see a lot more fringe in fashion as the whole Yellowstone-sparked movement shifts the western motif into mainstream fashion. And hey, we’re totally here for it!  

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