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February 16, 2024 2 min read

Spokeswomen for the sport, rodeo queens are known to greet fans and sign autographs, but these gals are way more than just pretty faces that help sell tickets. Rodeo queens are experienced horsewomen, rodeo educators, talented public speakers, role models and rodeo historians helping to preserve America’s western heritage. But how did the job of rodeo queen come around?

The first rodeo queen is believed to have been appointed at the 1910 Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon, but it took twenty years for the idea to spread. Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming became the next well-known rodeo to have a queen in 1931. Her name was Miss Frontier Days aka Miss Jean Nimmo Doubois. The role of rodeo queen was invented because local businessmen were worried the Depression would stop people from buying tickets to the show. They created a competition where the young woman who sold the most tickets would become queen of the rodeo. They decided they would choose a young woman from within the community who did not compete in rodeo events like a cowgirl, but instead used her "royal" position to promote the rodeo.

However, after WWII, rodeo queens became even more involved in the communities and rodeos they represented. Horsemanship competitions were added to pageants, traveling to promote their hometown rodeo became the norm and queens were featured in the press and introduced to politicians and even celebrities.

In 1955, the International Rodeo Management changed the game with the development of the iconic Miss Rodeo America organization. Local queens now had the opportunity to become a national icon and spokeswomen for all rodeo.

Today it's difficult to imagine the world of professional rodeo without Miss Rodeo America. We're in awe of their intelligence, kindness, and their ability to turn rodeo spectators into rodeo fans. We’re proud to be longtime sponsors of Miss Rodeo America and to dress many of the beautiful women who represent the title. Our Pecos collection is dedicated to them and the beauty they share with us all.

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