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November 19, 2023 2 min read

It’s been a running Thanksgiving joke for a while about, “So, what are we all wearing to the living room this year?” It’s funny because it’s pretty true and universally relatable. It’s especially comical for our family who – to make a massive understatement – sees a lot of each other.

But, even though we literally all work (and practically live) together, Thanksgiving is a special occasion and, c’mon, we never need an excuse to get “rigged up”! So, as we approach Turkey Day 2023, here are the quirky responses from the McMullen sisters about what they are donning at the dinner table this year.

“You mean after I shed my apron and wipe the sweat from my brow after slavin’ in the kitchen all day?!” Audrey laughed. “I’m just kidding, prepping the Thanksgiving feast is a family affair, we really do all work together and chip in. Ummm, as far as what I plan to wear to the table, I’m tempted to wear the Mic Mac Jacket, for old time’s sake, but I think I’m gonna wear the Doan’s Crossing Vest over a Sal’s Blouse and Rayados. None of my sisters answered with that, did they? Heaven forbid we show up in the dining room all matchy-matchy like a bunch of dorks! It’s happened before.”

“Oh, girl – I’m already in my cashmere cores!” Cheryl exclaimed. “It’s still in the 60s in Texas and I don’t care, I live in it. I’ll be rocking the Cashmere Core Top and the Cashmere Core Pant, for sure, and then I haven’t decided if I’m gonna dress it up with a bold bolo or a statement squash or a scarf. I might add that gorgeous Romani Scarf and a cool scarf slide. Matter of fact, I might throw on that Best Dressed Cowgirl scarf slide that Shawna [Erickson] made for the Cowgirls before somebody snatches it up. Won’t that be cheeky – sitting down to dinner with my sisters boasting a ‘Best Dressed’ slide!”

“Whattaya mean, what am I wearing?” Hedy smirked with her signature sass. “I’m gonna wear a velvet dress – what else?! Probably the Speaks With Elders Dress, I’m a big fan of that one right now. I mean, a dress is a no-brainer for Thanksgiving; it’s a one-and-done garment, you just throw on some jewelry and shoes, and there’s eatin’ room!”

And what about Nana, you ask? Well, Nana’s the one who is really wearing an apron most of the day! But she does get dolled up for the meal, this year she says she’ll probably wear “that pretty paisley number” (the Midnight Garden Dress) for “lunch and her puzzles” – that’s her tradition, after Thanksgiving lunch, you can be certain you’ll find Nana, and often a grandkid or two, piecing together a puzzle. It’s kind of the cutest.

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