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February 28, 2021 3 min read

The weather’s warming up, the pandemic is slowing down, and with any luck, this spring/summer will see a revival of the most wonderful time of the year: wedding season!

In fact, with so many unfortunate couples having had to cancel or postpone their nuptials in 2020, it’s possible that the 2021 wedding season may be doubly jam-packed with ceremonies. And we, for one, are here. for. it.

@nativeroamingphotography, Daedra Lynn Logan

Obviously, there are a million little elements involved in a wedding – from the venue to the vows, the flowers to the food, the entertainment and everything in between – but there is one important, impactful, and memorable aspect that always gets the guests talking: What everyone is wearing. Whether you’re house party, wedding party, or the bride herself – or even just in attendance, for that matter – your outfit is on display. And who doesn’t want to dress to impress?

You know, there was a time not all that long ago that wedding attire was all puffy sleeves and pantyhose, and boy oh boy, are we glad to have evolved from that era into one of more unique individual expression. More and more, we’re seeing brides skip the stilettos in favor of colorful Chuck Taylors or, our personal favorite, cowboy boots!

And the latest must-have bridal boot of the western wedding world? Our very own Almost Famous Boot.

Lyndsey Garber Photography

“One of the things we love the absolute most about what we do is the way our customers and our little community interpret it,” said Cheryl. “As a designer – or really, a creator of anything – it’s exciting and interesting, almost invigorating, to watch people interact with something you’ve made. And that’s exactly what happened with the white Almost Famous Boot. The silhouette has long been a favorite across the board, in every colorway, but I think the off-white leather and the intricacy of the floral embroidery has an element of romance that really resonates with brides.”

We may not have fully intended it, but we totally get it. They are beautiful boots, and elegant enough to accent any style of dress. And they come with some built-in bonuses: They won’t dig into the ground at an outdoor venue, and they’re more comfortable than heels, so you can dance the night away on your dream day!

Photographer: Danja Barber Photographer / Bride: Jessica Schmidt @thevaqueraway

Dress: @Georgiosbridal / Ring: @dossiecribbs / Florals: Jessica Schmidt @thevaqueraway /Location: Palo Duro Canyon

What else is making waves in the world of western wedding wear? The Luciana Dress.

With continuing cautiousness surrounding COVID and the improvisations and adaptations that accompany the unanticipated canceling/rescheduling of a lot of ceremonies, many of the gatherings are on the smaller side this wedding season. As the guest lists get shorter, it seems, so do the dresses. The industry is seeing an increase in outdoor weddings; partially due to the suggestion that it’s still safer for guests, and partially due to the more abundant availability of outdoor spaces in a season that could potentially see two years’ worth of weddings in one. Naturally, no one wants to be dragging long layers through the grass and dirt, so these occasions lend themselves to short chic styles, like the lacy, luxurious Luciana Dress, which one mother-of-the-bride dubbed, “outdoor elegant”. (We love that!)

Photographer: Danja Barber Photographer / Bride: Jessica Schmidt @thevaqueraway

As we are with all momentous life events, we are truly honored to be a part of so many wonderful women’s special day. And I think it’s safe to say, no matter what your role or what you’re wearing, we’re all just thrilled that wedding season is on its way back!

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