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March 01, 2024 1 min read

One of the most majestic, most photographed places on earth, it is hardly any wonder that inspiration abounds in a place like Monument Valley. The breathtaking beauty allures the eye, but it’s the sacred spirit that moves you.

Though it became the namesake of the Spring 2024 collection, Monument Valley is but one of – and in a sense, a metaphor for – all of the stunningly scenic and spiritually significant spots throughout the Southwest; the awe-inspiring ancient lands, the way the layers of the canyon blend and band, the millenia it took to effect the iconic formations, and the richness in the history of the people who cultivated it.

The aesthetic of the collection has evident influence from both the anthropological and archaeological; the colors and the culture, the rugged romance of the scenery, and a reverence for the society that sustains it. The silhouettes and textures nod to both the endemic and the explorer, ranging from utilitarian to exquisite; it’s a balance of fresh and familiar, introducing unique techniques and an emergence from our own archives.

It channels the essence that envelopes you when you stand in a place like Monument Valley. You feel humbled and inspired; you feel so miniscule in the grand scheme of the universe and Earth’s vast timeline, yet so intrinsically connected to every other man, woman, and child who has stood in the same spot and gazed with wide-eyed wonder. It’s awe. It’s appreciation. It’s homage.

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