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September 19, 2021 1 min read

Double D Ranch has created a lot of memorable pieces over the years, but nothing seems to have quite the lifespan – the timelessness, the longevity, the staying power – of a DDR jacket.

“It’s apt, I suppose, considering it was jackets that got us our start,” laughed Cheryl. “But it still amazes and humbles me to see someone cherishing a DDR jacket that’s ten, twenty, twenty-five years old. Whether they’re wearing it, framing it, or heck, even bartering with it, it’s an incredible feeling to know that something we created has held a place in their life – or at least their closet – for such a significant period of time. It reaffirms our dedication to detail and commitment to quality.”

So what is it that makes jackets the power pieces of the collection?

“From a designer’s perspective, jackets are the ultimate canvas,” Cheryl explained. “Materials, silhouettes, embellishments – the possibilities and combinations are limitless. Our jackets are works of art, and these things are our medium; every stitch is a brushstroke, we put that much passion into them. And jackets fit easier and last longer, so they will always outlive wardrobe pieces; they’re the pièce de resistance and we devote a lot of thoughtful design to each and every one.”

From blanket coats to bikers, every DDR jacket in existence was once a sketch on a notepad, made with you gals in mind.

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