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September 17, 2022 3 min read

“Everything is bronze.”

Stylist extraordinaire Lisa Martensen says the key to the rustic look is, well, rust.

“If you think about it, it was long days on dusty trails, right?” she said. “You’d expect everyone to be sunkist and just a little bit dirty. Obviously, we don’t want the girls to look dirty, but we captured that essence by sticking with bronze and copper hues.”

These are Lisa’s tips and tricks for getting the look.


“The girls’ faces were lightly powdered, no actual foundation. That gave the softer, matte look and texture that we were going for. The real key to this face was my oil absorbing sheets! It was hot, the girls were sweating, and I think the average person’s instinct would be to correct that would be to add more powder, but that’s the absolute worst thing you can do. It will cake with the sweat and start to break up. Instead, blot with oil absorbers – you can get them anywhere. I think I use Walgreens off-brand; this is one of those times where it doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.”


“Everyone knows I love a strong brow. The brow was very filled in with a medium brown eyeshadow to make them very strong for photography. How heavy and dark I went with them may be a little extreme for your everyday look, but for this editorial vibe, it worked.”


This one is tricky, so I recommend if you’re going to try it, you might allow yourself a few practice runs, because it could go real wrong, real quick. I used Nars Code Red eyeshadow on the lids; it’s a strong copper with a very subtle metallic finish. Then I used a Morphe pencil (in Secret) under the eyes, and lined them with Hourglass* gel eye pencils – Black and Canyon – which is a new find that I really like. Of course, no mascara for this look.

“Funny story, I actually just recently discovered Hourglass products. I tend to work with a lot of the same products time after time, and I don’t really chase the trends of beauty products because I know what works for me and there’s always some ‘hot new thing’ coming out. But I was in Sephora in Chicago and I was really on the hunt for an eyeliner – a gel that won’t run, a pencil that won’t smear. Sephora is great, because they don’t represent any one brand; if you’re at a department store, the girl at the makeup counter is going to try to sell you whatever is at her makeup counter. Anyway, I see this girl who is like, rockabilly retro perfection – bright red lip, bold eyeliner – and I’m like, ‘THIS girl knows exactly what I need’ and she did. She introduced me to Hourglass cosmetics, and theirgel eye pencil is the answer. They also make amazing mascara and I use their concealers as well.”

Lisa Martensen

LIP: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk 2

“I may have talked about Charlotte Tilbury lipstick before, it’s a great matte. But specifically for this look, I went with Pillow Talk 2 – or they may call it medium, I’m not sure. These Pillow Talk lipsticks come in a duo, and 2 is a deeper pinkish brown, closer to the rusty coppers on the eye. If you do choose to line the lip, go with Charlotte Tilbury Nude.”

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