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July 18, 2021 2 min read

“We got all caught up in our Americana with Sissy, and I think we kind of forgot about our pony PJs,” Cheryl laughed.

“We take them for granted because we wear them all the time – I mean, ALL the time,” Audrey added. “It took us being on the photoshoots for the fall collections, around a bunch of extra people, and everyone oohing and ahhing over them, and ‘Let me touch that fabric!’ and ‘Can I still get one?’ to kind of make us go, ‘Oh yeah, we didn’t promote these that much…’ Clearly not enough, anyway! They’re awesome, everyone needs a pair. I think everyone on that shoot ended up ordering them.”

So, we’re bringing the Stolen Ponies PJs back to the spotlight! And what better time to remind our Wolf Pack about this lightweight, short-sleeved sleepshirt than right in the middle of a humid, sweltering summer!

“That’s why we were in our Stolen Ponies all week on the shoot!” Audrey said. “It was hot and it was humid, felt like all we did was sweat all day, and I dang sure wasn’t gonna be sweating at night. These are my go-to summer jammies for that very reason.”

I mean, why not sleep in style? This super-soft sleepshirt is everything you could want in pajamas. It’s a gorgeous green with playful ponies, loose-fitting and lightweight, and get this: it comes with a cute little pouch and a matching hair scrunchie!

While we do still have some in stock, it’s not a lot, and you know how these things go – your size can be gone in the blink of an eye – so if you’re considering it, you might not want to hesitate on that “Add to Cart” button. (Plus, if you order soon, you can pack it for the party!)

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