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October 31, 2021 1 min read

One of the things that makes fashion such a unique form of expression is the way it can interpret the textures and techniques of other artforms into garment design.

The term “tramp art” refers to a woodworking style that was most prevalent during the Great Depression, characterized by chip or notch carving and layering of geometric shapes. As was often the case in that era of financial hardship, artisans crafted their works from whatever wood materials were affordable or available to them, such as cigar boxes or shipping crates. Creations were most often in the form of boxes or dimensional frames, though you can find some rare tramp art pieces in sculpture styles and furniture. Tramp art pieces had a heavy presence in the Adirondacks Great Camps that influenced this collection.

“With the Tramp Art Jacket, we wanted to capture the essence of that aesthetic,” Cheryl explained. “Rather than wood, we used contrasting leather lacing to recreate the geometric and dimensional appeal of tramp art against a canvas of soft suede. And then adding the rounded metallic studs complemented the straight-edges of the leather shapes for an all-around American crafted look.”

Once again, a wearable work of art.

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