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May 04, 2024 2 min read

In case you haven’t noticed, year-round velvet has become a fast (and forever) favorite for us here at Double D Ranch. You’d be hard-pressed to find us an occasion in which we can’t make velvet work, from New Year’s Eve to opening day of baseball season. The new sweetheart silhouette of the Pueblo Antiquity Dress has taken this familiar fabric – once relegated to winter – and turned it into *the* statement sundress of the summer!

“Short and sleeveless set the tone, obviously,” Cheryl said. “I think a thing we’ve gotten really good at is experimenting with fabrics in unexpected ways. Lace-imprinted leather, leather fringed shorts, wooden beaded halter tops. And we’ve been pushing the limits with velvet, too, not sure if you remember the pin-tucked velvet, which is so incredibly hard to do. Anyway, with the Peublo Antiquity Dress, we started with short and sleeveless because, duh, it’s a sundress — we wanted us South Texas gals to be able to wear it, we always kinda design these dresses with Hedy in mind!”

But that alone is not what has made the Pueblo Antiquity Dress one of the most popular pieces in the Monument Valley collection.

“For me, it’s the keyhole,” said Lead DDR Designer, Kristin Klier. “It’s a fresh and youthful design element that can really set a silhouette apart, make it feel modern and chic. That, paired with the ruffled shoulders and collar that complement the tiers of the dress, it makes it feel feminine and fun to wear.”

It’s undeniably charming, and like everything we aim to design, it’s got staying power.

“I love it solo with some sandals or shortie boots for spring and summer,” Cheryl said. “I feel like either one of my sisters or Nana or I have had it on almost every day this spring – it’s so easy and breezy and comfortable and cool. But then come fall, bring those boots up taller and throw on a denim jacket with it! And on the off chance we actually get a winter, level it up to a leather jacket. You can literally wear this dress any day of the year.”

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