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May 22, 2022 3 min read

There are many reasons to get giddy when the fall sale comes around. There’s the obvious – everything is half off! – but it’s also like a second chance to snag that jacket or dress you’ve been having non-buyer’s remorse about ever since the collection closed. And when we say second chance, we mean last chance! As soon as this sale ends (Sunday 5/29 at 11:59 CDT), you won’t ever see these pieces again (unless one happens to make it to Warehouse Wednesday, and even then, you know what your odds are of actually scoring one in your size).

All that is to say, now is the time to get the goods! Here is a quick guide to the Heritage Departures you need hanging in your closet:


History has shown that certain DDR pieces stay en vogue and in demand far beyond the anticipated shelflife of the average garment. They become vintage treasures, family heirlooms, even wall art. You already know we’re talking about JACKETS! As a fall/winter collection, Heritage Departures had some heavy hitters. You can’t go wrong with some full-volume fir, like the duster-length Beaver Lodge Jacket or the upscale-elegant tailored Top Ridge Weaver. And of course, any and every Scout-style jacket is highly collectible, like the Quartermaster Scout and Ticonderoga (which isn’t technically a scout by name, but certainly by silhouette). A DDR blanket coat will also always stand the test of times, in both style and value, so the Yellowstone Blanket Jacket should be a no-brainer. Then there’s the showstopper – the one-of-a-kind standout that’s only going to become more fabulous and coveted as the decades roll on – the Iced Crystals Jacket! We know jackets are investment pieces, but at these prices?! Think of the ROI!


Now is when you want to load up on those tops and tees! We know that when a collection is hot off the press, there’s sometimes a tendency to forgo a few tops for the sake of that statement-something that you just have to have RIGHT. THEN. We totally get it. But there’s no reason to miss out now! Plus, they’re half off, so you can get twice as many! #ShoppingMath Oh, and also the time to stock up on socks -- $7.50, are you kidding?!


Head-turners are our forte; we believe in living out loud and we love to create the kind of pieces that will make a stranger stop you on the sidewalk to ask you where you got it. That’s what makes getting dressed fun, right? But sometimes it’s your “building blocks” that make that statement piece really shine. Just ask Doris! She’s arguably the office’s Best Dressed on any given day, and she’ll be the first to tell you, “You don’t need a pair of Rayanne’s. You need three.” They truly are one of the most versatile and universally flattering things we’ve ever made. Another apple of our eye/beautiful brain-child is the Panuelo Top – the built-in scarf loop is a gamechanger! It’s comfortable, it’s flattering, and it comes in four colors, what more could you want? Also, it’s always a good idea to have a good denim workshirt or two on hand. The Arizona Workshirt is perfect classic, no-frills, denim pearl snap that should be an absolute staple.

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