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February 13, 2022 2 min read

It’s a good feeling to honor someone whose art has inspired you. It’s an even better feeling to collaborate with them.

“The paintings of a Colorado artist named Peggy Judy influenced a lot of elements in this collection,” said DDR Designer Cheryl McMullen. “The spirited horse, the color combinations, the whole vibe. Peggy is still actively creating art, so we reached out to her to see if she’d be interested in collaborating on this collection, and fortunately, she agreed. Most of the horse images and prints you see throughout Wild Horses are adaptations of her artwork.

Peggy has spent much of her life surrounded by horses, married to an equine veterinarian as well as raising and breeding horses, so she has a genuine connection to appreciation for them, which is evident in her portraits; however, her portfolio spans all aspects of the lifestyle, in a style categorized as ‘contemporary western’.



Born and raised in Colorado, attended Colorado State University receiving a BFA in Illustration. Married to an equine veterinarian, raising two children and breeding, raising and training horses for thirty years left little time to pursue a career in art until the last five years or so. Now represented by top art galleries with an emphasis on contemporary western art around the country.

My work has been categorized as Contemporary Western. Traditional and well honored western subject matter with a different perspective and expressive interpretation. Using a more graphic approach to composition and design that comes from my illustration background I try to describe the intensity of the west as it was lived in the past and still is today by a select few of weathered souls. Portray the animals that still grace our western states and those that care for them.

My work resides here in the USA as well as the UK and Europe. I have been honored with acceptance into Major Western Art Shows and Museum around the western United States.


We encourage you to peruse her entire catalog of work at

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