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September 19, 2021 2 min read

Camp blanket jackets are woven into the DDR DNA (pun intended) and they’ve evolved with us year after year, collection after collection. A far cry from our early days of quite literally cutting up Pendleton blankets, we now have our camp blanket fabrics custom woven exclusively for Double D, and that gives us creative control over not only color scheme and design, but also the weight and the feel.

“The texture matters,” Cheryl explained. “And of course, weight; there’s a reason we design a range from cotton jackets to leather bikers. Just like any other element of fashion – length of skirts, width of pant legs, colors of the year – texture also trends. This ‘brushed blanket’ woven has a strong foothold right now and it’s a trend that’s still moving forward, so it’s something that we’re going to see in the upcoming years as well.”

We’ve never been one to “force fashion” and incorporate a trend that isn’t authentic to us, but this fabric is obviously a natural fit for one of DDR’s quintessential pieces – the blanket coat. 

“Remember how there was a surge in the sock market last year? (Sock, not stock – just so we’re clear!)” Cheryl laughed. “It may sound strange, but it kind of follows that trend. Wanting to feel ‘cozy’. The upside to quarantine and work-from-home life was that we got to ditch the heels and constricting office-wear. And over the year-plus, we got used to that level of comfort. As we are transitioning back to the ‘outside world’, there is still that lingering desire to feel cozy, and this brush blanket woven fabric almost feels as if you’re wrapped up in a blanket. And of course, it’s also timeless, as evidenced by the fact that it’s what got us our start and here we are still designing them three decades later.”

Speaking of designing blanket coats for thirty years…

“Do I need to talk about the camp blanket pattern? I don’t know how many times we can tell that story!” Cheryl laughed. “But I will say, I am really, really fond of this one. I mean, obviously – I designed it into furniture, for goodness’ sake. I love that classic geometric pattern and I particularly love how the color scheme came together in an almost gradient way that almost hints to a sunset.”

Guess the answer was, “yes – you do need to talk about the pattern.” Hey, we’re here for it!


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