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February 06, 2021 1 min read

Just when we think we’ve designed serape in every way and color combination possible, a new palette strikes us, and we end up falling in love with a pattern that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh.

“I’m not sure thatanything Double D does falls within the traditional definition of ‘tame’,” Cheryl laughed. “But that’s kind of how we think of this colorway. Tame, by our standards. It’s not the ultra-bright and black combo of Bakersfield, it’s not the over-the-top intricacy of the Matagorda serape from our 30th anniversary fall collection; it’s more down-to-earth, and yet a little more classy at the same time.”

The warm khaki base color serves as the perfect canvas for pops of poison in exquisite purples, greens, and sunset oranges. It (quite literally) weaves together the defining aspects of both our beloved bandidas; the “lady of the land” attributes of Maria Alvarez, and the elegant elements of Sara Sandoval. And best of all, this particular color combination works year-round.

We incorporated the custom pattern into some garments you’d expect – a skirt, blouse, sundress – and then a couple pieces perhaps you didn’t. For a while now, thanks in part to so many people adopting a work-from-home wardrobe, our Wolf Pack has been asking for some ath-leisure wear. Welp, here you have it! Cute enough to wear to run errands and comfy enough to live in 24/7, the serape Santa Rita Serape Yoga Pant and Top are the best of both worlds!

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