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January 28, 2024 2 min read

There's nothing we love more than a lil taste (or two… or three…) of tequila. After our Cosa Salvaje tasting session at the Stockyards this weekend, we just had to grab CEO Elle France and ask her all about her fabulous brand and her iconic business partner, the one and only Tanya Tucker.

DDR: Why did y’all decide to get into the tequila biz?
I decided to get into the tequila business for the simple fact that I love tequila. I personally look back to the times that I had the most fun of my life and that was definitely drinking tequila, dancing and laughing. Once I started researching starting the brand, I really fell in love with Mexico. The process, and the people that came along with creating a tequila brand.

DDR: We love that your company is 100% women owned. Why is that important to you?
Elle:Not only are we women-owned but I am partnered with the strongest woman I know that has overcome great obstacles in her life. Tanya has inspired me to keep moving forward, and to really enjoy the journey along the way. She leads the way for many women with her music and that is translated into the tequila business, to me they both go hand-in-hand.

DDR: What’s the hardest part of running the business?
Elle:Right now the main thing is to create awareness of the brand and that’s what Tanya does so well. With great people like Double D Ranch helping spread the word

DDR: Which type of Cosa Salvaje is your gals' favorite?
Elle:I love all of our tequilas. Our Blanco is great because you can sip it and mix it in a margarita if you choose. I know Tanya‘s favorite is that one as well. Our reposado is absolutely delicious. It goes down very smooth and fast. Keeps me coming back for more. And Anejo is a great after dinner sipper. We can change all your whiskey drinkers to love our Anejo.

DDR: Favorite way to drink tequila?
Elle: Tanya’s favorite of course is with fresh ruby, red grapefruit. She likes to get all the meat of the grapefruit in there with the fresh juice. I love a little bit of spice in mine but I also love fresh squeezed Valencia oranges right off my tree.

DDR: You can share a bottle of Cosa Salvaje with one person dead or alive, who are you choosing?
Elle:I would love to share a bottle with my late dad. He died before the tequila thing got started, I think he'd be very proud of me and excited about where we are going to take this brand.

DDR: If Cosa Salvaje was a Tanya Tucker song which one would it be?
Elle:City of Gold!

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