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October 30, 2022 1 min read

Traditional blankets, blanket patterns, and Navajo weavings have an indelible role in the Double D Ranch story. They inspired the original blanket coats for which we became known and launched us on this journey, and they’ve consistently provided aesthetic inspiration throughout decades of design. We hold a reverence for weaving as an artform and we are beyond excited to share these cherished pieces with y’all online and in the Fort Worth flagship store.

“I think the appreciation for me is as much about the artistry and the craftsmanship as it is about the finished product,” Cheryl explained. “Much like vintage southwestern jewelry. Of course it’s all beautiful in the end, there is that aesthetic appeal, but just knowing the hours, the skill, the effort that went into a handwoven rug amplifies it in my eyes. I’ve been collecting them for years, and I think I always knew that I wanted to share them with our customers, and now the Fort Worth store is providing a place where that is possible.”


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