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May 30, 2021 2 min read

Who else but DDR could make you want to don a leather jacket in the middle of summer? Honestly. It could be 100 degrees out, and it would still be hard to resist parading around in this beautiful biker.

“We try to design a signature biker jacket with every collection,” said Cheryl. “I want something that can stand out on its own, but simultaneously symbolize everything the collection was about. A piece that people can look at and go, ‘Oh, I remember that jacket from the so-and-so collection’. I think this jacket really does that.”

The Liberty & Justice Jacket is that signature piece from Sissy. It embodies all the Americana that is so integral to this summer collection, the bold embroidery of “Liberty and Justice for all” on the back, and on the indigo version, one of our favorite design elements that is pervasive throughout Sissy: bandanas.

“This was something we’d always wanted to try and talked about doing,” Cheryl explained. “Put a bandana print on leather. I’ve been obsessed with bandanas as long as I can remember – you can ask Audrey, she’ll tell you a whole story about it! Maybe we write that for Dose this summer. And so, with Sissy, we did a lot of bandana prints in unexpected ways, like on those [Freedom Bandana] leggings and doing ‘patchwork’ bandana, like on the [Liberty & Justice For All] tank and vest, and then with this jacket, printing a bandana design on leather. It worked beautifully on the navy version, with that contrasting white print. It didn’t translate as well on the white version, so we decided to forgo it, I just love this jacket – a classic from collar to cuff.”

Same, Cheryl, same.

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