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Studs and Stones

Studs and Stones

Once overstated and only-for-the-edgy, metal embellishments have taken on a more ubiquitous everyday vibe.
Mixing metals -- silver, brass, weathered bronze, and even copper – is a dazzling-but-subtle way to give the garment a dimensionality of design that widens its wearability.
Additionally, alternating sharper shapes, like square-pyramid studs, with more rounded ones, like dome studs or even eyelets, can add an element of softness that can turn a jacket or pair of boots from nighttime to all-the-time.
And of course, the quintessential cowgirl fashion favorite: put some turquoise on it! Silver and turquoise accents on leather jackets, denim, and all styles of boots have evolved into amiable and enviable garments suitable for everything from brunch to barhopping. Check out page 69 for a gorgeous example of multi-medium embellishment.
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