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April 16, 2023 1 min read

Perhaps the coolest part about a creative collaboration is that each individual brings something unique to the table, something that’s innately important to them and inherent to their artistic style. For Dolan Geiman, one of those elements is the imagery of the exalted owl.

“The owl, for my family and me, has always been a special animal laden with healing and protective properties. Her wings are spread wide to guard and protect you from harm, while offering up her wisdom and strength. To me she is the perfect creature; she's crepuscular, she moves on the edge of darkness and in doing so, invokes so many dreamlike qualities.”

Beautiful and majestic, Dolan’s iteration of the owl found a powerful presence in the Desert Desperados collection.

Brecken Geiman, Dolan’s younger sister and a talented artisan herself with whom we also collaborated for Desert Desperados, also brought owl imagery to life in some of her remarkable jewelry creations. From dainty dangles to a bold bib necklace, she combined her unique use of color with intricate sterling silver stampwork to create detailed depictions of Protector Owl, and its feathered friend, the Hummingbird.

“Over-the-top statement designs are my specialty,” Brecken said. “So, I wanted to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are wearable works of art. These two spirits, the Owl and the Hummingbird definitely exemplify a Boho-Western vibe, and hold great significance to me as they are multi-generational ‘emblems’ of my family heritage, stemming back to my grandparents and great grandmother Ruby, who had a special affection for owls and was a bird lover at heart.”

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