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October 15, 2023 1 min read

If the Untamed collection has a pièce de resistance, it’s our ode to Elsa’s vest and everything it embodies.

Double D Ranch has long been associated with a dedication to detail; every piece is a promise that hours of imagination and even more hours of artistry is behind every stitch, every stud, and every hand-sewn bead. The vest itself is a nod to Elsa effectively permeating the barrier between two ostensibly opposed bands of people. The intricacy of embellishment, the 360-degree beadwork, is an homage to the era and the people of the Plains, something we immersed ourselves in through the exhibits of the Plains Indian Museum.

It’s the level of awe-inspiring craftsmanship that makes something swell inside you. It’s an heirloom-status statement piece, the kind of collector’s item you forgo the washing machine for. Because it’s not just an article of clothing, it’s a wearable reminder of who you are and the kind of character you’d want them to write for you; it's believing in the good in every person and honoring the good of every people, and being wise enough to discern the difference.

It’s acceptance of all and yet a desire to stand out from the pack. It’s beauty and strength, it’s grace and grit, it’s woman and warrior.

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