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February 12, 2023 1 min read

Justice may not be, and human nature certainly isn’t – to this day it’s debated whether Billy the Kid was a ruthless renegade or a reckless youth without a rudder – but in terms of fashion, the classic contrast stands the test of time.

We’ve often referred to black as the “winged eyeliner of an outfit” and essential to the aesthetic of every collection we design, it simultaneously elevates and grounds. It can temper down any array of colors and it’s the epitome of sleek and chic on its own, but nothing compares to how clean and crisp it is when combined with its counterpart. This year you can expect to see an influx of black and white in paired pieces, in complementing contrast accents, in grayscale graphics, and showing up strong in accessories.

“The #ModernGoth – or #ModGoth – trend in fashion is a lot more universal than it sounds,” Cheryl explained. “You hear goth, and you think angsty teenager in all black listening to emo rock music. Fishnet hose, combat boots, the whole works. But that’s very much not what this is. This is chic, upscale, and mature. It’s crisp, that’s the best word for it. It is a strong presence of black, for sure, but it’s balanced. With whites, with silvers, with grays, and sometimes with shimmer. It’s edgy, but it’s not emo. And everyone can pull it off, I promise!”

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