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June 11, 2023 1 min read

Black Beauty. National Velvet. Shadowfax. Horses play an important role in literature as symbols of strength and freedom. They are often used to tell stories about the human experience and explore themes such as love, friendship, and courage.

Heck, even My Little Pony made an indelible mark on the upbringing of generations. There has always been lore around little girls loving horses, even if it was just the idea of one.

They’ve always been majestic, captivating creatures to us; intelligent and intuitive, obedient and ornery, and beautiful beyond compare. We rooted for them at the racetrack, we admired them at the All American Futurity, and we can still name most of the horses at our grandparents’, from trouble-making Topper to notorious Possum Mac. It’s been said that the history of man is carried on the back of a horse, and we can’t speak for everyone, but ours certainly is.

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