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October 21, 2018 1 min read

Technically named “lapis lazuli”, this semi-precious stone is immediately recognizable for its intense, deep blue color. Depending on the mineral makeup, lapis is sometimes speckled with flecks of gold (pyrite), giving it a very celestial look, or features more white (calcite), which is commonly called “denim lapis”. And lapis is as rich in history as it is in hue. The stone makes up the eyebrows in King Tut’s funeral mask, Catherine the Great is said to have adorned an entire room of her palace in it – walls and all, and during the Renaissance, painters like Michelangelo used the ground up version, "ultramarine”, to produce the purest blues in paintings.
But it gets even cooler. Lapis is considered a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, and while we’ve never seen it backed by science, it’s widely believed to bring inner peace and clear the mind of negative thoughts. We can’t think of a more fitting accessory for adventure.

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