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November 12, 2023 1 min read

Few things convey a rich and regal aura, an aesthetic of opulence, like the deep alluring hues of a gemstone palette.

A far cry from the understated earth tones and distressed denims of its predecessor, Untamed Territory, this Old Country collection is – quite literally – saturated with color. It celebrates mesmerizing prints in marvelous, almost fantastical, pigments of drool-worthy jewel tones.

Perhaps most notably, the designs dabble in the richest reds on the spectrum, ranging from ripe raspberry to bold burgundy and the striking sanguine shades of the Hondo Vest and the Pueblo Pottery Jacket. And, because red is recognizably a power color, potentially over-powering in large doses, we tempered it with one of its cooler contemporaries of turquoise and teal. On the whole, the collection is heavily anchored with a pervasive presence of saturated blacks and poisoned with accents of emerald and golden oat for depth and dimension.

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