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April 26, 2024 2 min read

One of the cool things about designing a collection is incorporating common threads throughout (pun intended). It’s even cooler when we can collaborate with an artist and see their creations come to life in a number of different garments and mediums.

The “Horses of the Wind” were pulled from the creative genius of one of our very favorite creatives, collaborates, and all-around friends – the awe-inspiring force that is Penelope Joe Yellowhorse.

You’ve definitely heard us sing the praises of this tenacious young Navajo woman before. She’s contributed to DDR collections in the past, and she’s also modeled for us in the Chili Patine catalog. She’s remarkably talented and a joy to work with, and it’s always an honor for us to help bring a new audience to an indigenous artist.

In the Monument Valley collection, we incorporated Penelope’s artwork in all of the Horses of the Wind pieces. These mid-stride horses are a signature specialty of hers, sometimes with riders and sometimes running wild and free, inspired by imagery that has surrounded her growing up in the ranching lifestyle on the reservation. Iterations of the art came to life in different pieces throughout this collection: screenprinted versions appear on the Horses of the Wind Top, embellished with embroidery accents; intricately beaded interpretations grace the stunning Sentinel Mesa Vest and this season’s statement biker, the Horses of the Wind Jacket; and they shine in silk sprinting across the signature scarf.

We are so proud to be a part of Penelope’s story and have her be a part of ours. Her ambition and gusto align with everything we aspire to be and represent as women and creatives ourselves, her work is inherent to her origins and also innately on-brand for our aesthetic, and it fills us with so much pride to be able to immortalize her art in a wearable way. So when you’re sporting one of these pieces, know that you’re part of a ripple effect that reaches way outside your closet.

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