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January 24, 2021 1 min read

The adventures of the bandidas were nothing if not a wild ride, and this collection deserved toppers that are as over the top as they were.

The Maria Collection has two signature toppers, and each kind of channels one of the leading ladies of Bandidas. The Bandidas Gambler Hat is more of a “Maria”. Just like the character, it’s a little bit scrappy, a nod to her resourcefulness, with faux-mending patches trimmed with contrast stitching and some studwork. The hatband is accented by a silver concho with a decorative feather and slim double-wrapped leather band, and the brim is trimmed in contrasting brown fabric. Like Maria, it’s pretty with plenty of personality.

The Chiapas Hat is more of a “Sara” with its chic, sleek silhouette and its elegant floral embroidery inspired by the Chiapas-style of stitching. It has a wide decorative hatband that coordinates to the trim on the flat brim. It’s sophisticated, polished, and feminine – everything Sara Sandoval was raised to believe she should be. Oh, and it’s beautiful.  

Regardless of which one you fancy (why not both?), these feisty little toppers will let the world know you’re one bad bandida!

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