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May 02, 2021 3 min read


Let’s face it: we women do it all. We wear all the hats, we juggle all the flaming batons, we captain the ship. And most of the time, we’ve got to pick out our own presents. So, let’s just skip the middleman and treat ourselves this Mother’s Day! (And hey, you don’t have to have kids to be one bad mother – *wink* – You deserve to treat yo’self, too!)

Here’s what the McMullen Mamas have their eyes on:


“Do you know how hard it is to get a new shipment of earrings Oscar just made and not keep them?!” Cheryl laughed. “Seriously, that’s why Audrey started taking pictures of them with her phone and posting them in Addiction right when they come in – it’s basically to hold us accountable. If we let the Wolf Pack see them, then we’re on the hook to make them for sale, otherwise they’d all end up mysteriously making their way to our jewelry keepers. But I think all of us are going to buy ourselves a pair for Mother’s Day, and a pair for Nana. And yes, Audrey makes us BUY them!”


“Y’all know I’ve never met a scarf I didn’t like,” Cheryl said. “But the Flight Feather is easily one of my hands-down, all-time favorites. Not only did I get one to wear, but I also framed one to hang in my apartment like a big ol’ painting. I think this is a great gift for Mom – or for any woman in your life, including yourself! It can be an accessory or it can be art, and guess what? It always fits!”


“Everything in the Turquoise Travel Series makes a great gift,” Audrey said. “We see an influx of orders for jewelry keepers and makeup cases and even those little purses – the clutch and the wristlet – around gift-giving holidays. They’re the type of thing everyone needs and everyone appreciates, but often people don’t think to treat themselves to. Well, what better time than now? Treat yo’self!”

“If you’re storing your squash in anything other than the [San Antonio] Squash Keeper, you’re really not giving it the protection it needs,” Cheryl said. “A squash blossom necklace is an investment, it’s a statement piece that you’re going to cherish for life, you should do what you can to keep it in the best shape possible. The snap-down straps and the extra thick padded divider are essential.”


Everyone deserves to own a statement squash blossom necklace – EVERYONE. And there is no such thing as having too many!

“A squash is like a rite of passage,” Cheryl laughed. “Any cowgirl, anyone who is into the Southwestern style, should splurge on at least one in their lifetime. It’s a bucket list item. The more the merrier, obviously, but at least one. We just put a whole bunch of new ones on the site, actually, that I found during my most recent spree – before Audrey put me in jewelry jail! – so there are going to be some mighty happy mamas this Mother’s Day. And hell, non-mamas, too! Everybody should get one!”

“Tell you what,” Audrey added. “Anyone who treats themselves to a squash blossom necklace, I’ll give them a Squash Keeper free. How’s that? If you were waiting on the universe to give you a sign saying, ‘Go ahead, get the squash’, then there ya go, there’s your sign. Life is short, buy the squash!”

Moral of the story: You deserve it. Think about all you’ve endured and overcome in the last year. Whether it was adapting to working from home, becoming a homeschool teacher all of a sudden, or simply staying sane when your wanderlust and restlessness had no remedy – you conquered it all! You’ve earned a little indulgence. Treat yourself!

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