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November 28, 2018 2 min read

A good stylish hat is a MUST when it comes to packing for the NFR. Two weeks of styling your hair in a dry climate can wreak havoc on your mane. I try to give my hair a 2-3 day break and just put a lid on it. (Psss.. it cuts down your time getting ready if you’re tired from being out on the town. In Vegas, you need all the extra hours to snooze that you can get!)
I pack for comfort! There is a lot of standing and walking around. Good shoes take you places, they also allow you to comfortably shop a little longer. I pack a pair of sneakers, boots (tall and short) and pumps/wedges!
Outerwear! You can never go wrong with a good leather jacket. It’s a STAPLE in my NFR wardrobe. It brings life to my casual day wear and spices up my evening look. Be sure to pack a lighter jacket too. Vegas weather can be unpredictable. I love to pack a good blazer.
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!! Concho belts, jewelry, bags! These are what brings life to an outfit! It’s Vegas, the more jewelry you wear, the less tired you look.
As for clothing, I’m pretty basic. A good pair of skinny jeans and flares. Black leggings, leather leggings. Several white shirts for day time. Cardigans, dresses. I do a lot of layering. Be sure to pack pieces that are functional for cool mornings and hot afternoons.
For necessities I pack lots of medicine! I’m used to Alabama’s humidity, so the dry air isn’t my friend. I pack a large jug for my water. Allergy medicine, Vitamin C. Vegas is full of germs and is the last place you want to be sick! Germ-X, emergen-C, airborne. Heck, I even pack a travel Lysol for my room. 
Make up wipes for late nights! I like to pack a few beauty masks because wearing full makeup everyday clogs my pores. I’m all for early nights in my room with comfy pjs, room service and a good facial. Conditioning treatments for you hair. Again the dry climate and hot tools just aren’t a good combo for me. I recommend olaplex #3 treatment. Static electricity also can become a nuisance, so a little trick I learned is to pack dryer sheets to rub on my hair.
Pack Snacks!! I get in such a hurry and sometimes I don’t have time to grab breakfast or lunch. Protein bars and peanut butter crackers and peanut m&ms are always in my bag! 
Sleep is precious to me because I’m super busy working long hours while in Vegas. I like to download tranquil music. I pack hot teas, eucalyptus oils, ear plugs, comfy pjs and a good book. Anything that will help me relax. 
-Brianna Hall Bigbee 
The Bleacher Babe

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