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September 17, 2023 2 min read

The look you love is at the forefront of fashion this fall, embracing the “movement movement” and carrying over the trend of fashion that makes you feel good.

“There’s a grace and a sass to fringe,” Cheryl said. “That’s what makes it so universally appealing, I think. It’s the movement.”

Whether you’re doing a show-stopping spin in the Sonora jacket or vest – speaking of which, did y’all see Lainey Wilson rocking out on stage in that gorgeous green one?! *swoon* -- or shimmying in sparkly rhinestone fringe, or a more subtle sashay in Scout Jacket shoulder fringe, you can’t help but be captivating.

“Fringe is impossible to ignore,” said Cheryl. “That’s just the nature of it, it catches your eye. But it doesn’t have to be in-your-face. We experiment with fringe in a number of iterations – from short fringe down the sleeves of a classic cotton tee, to the epaulet fringe on Scout Jackets, and probably our most popular when it comes to jackets, is that tonal twisted fringe, it’s kind of a DDR signature.”

“Do you remember when we used to hand-twist that ourselves?” interjected Audrey. “Man, we were young and dumb. Well, not dumb, but wide-eyed and naïve – and we definitely had more energy!”

“Oh yes,” Cheryl laughed. “But that’s how we got it just right! Before we could show someone else how to do it, we had to perfect it ourselves. And look at us, all these years later, still staying true to that signature twist.”

You’ll see that style a lot in our statement leather jackets, particularly the ones with the more understated, classic cowgirl vibes – the timeless collectors.

“It adds texture on top of movement,” Cheryl explained. “So often times, that will be in tonal leather – fringe that matches the rest of the jacket – like with the Boring the Devil Jacket. The Scout-style jackets are an exception, of course, we do the twist to kind of make it appear already well-loved and not so pristine, with a western spin. Twisting the fringe almost makes it feel ‘vintage’. For instance, compare it to the flat suede fringe on the Ennis Jacket, it’s also tonal but it has a different vibe, one that’s more ranch hand than rodeo queen, if that makes sense. Some people are drawn to one versus the other, and sometimes it just comes down to the look you want for a particular occasion. When it comes down to it, fringe is for everybody!

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