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March 22, 2024 2 min read

Think back to your first piece of turquoise, the way you felt drawn to it and in awe of the unique properties of the stone. Now imagine, for a moment, that you discovered it in the depths of the earth, the vibrant blue-green hue emerging against dull dirt tones and reddened clay. How could you not believe it portended good fortune? Enchanting to even the untrained eye, turquoise has long been believed to hold powers of positive energy said to promote communication, enhance creativity, and bring balance and spiritual grounding. It’s no wonder the stunning stone has become synonymous with Native American jewelry and a signature of southwestern style.

“I was in the 7th grade or so,” she recalled. “And Dad bought me a little bracelet, a little silver bracelet with a tiny turquoise stone. It was almost a rounded off triangle, it was an irregular-shaped stone, and I loved it so much. During athletics, though, I would have to take it off, of course. Well, Sue – I won’t say her last name, but I do still remember it – also really loved it, apparently. Her locker was right next to mine. And Sue took my bracelet! I told her to give it back, she said it was hers, and so on, and we ended up in the principal’s office. The principal asked us to identify it, and to prove ownership, we had to be able to tell her what was on the back. Well, I looked at that bracelet all day every day, I knew that on the back it had the price — $25 — written in marker and covered with clear nail polish. So I got my bracelet back. I wish I knew where that little bracelet was now, but I don’t; I wish I still had it.”

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