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October 23, 2021 2 min read

The name of the game in Adirondacks was effortless elegance, leisure in luxury, and – as always – our longtime stylist extraordinaire, Lisa Martensen, absolutely nailed it. Here are her tips and tricks for capturing that Adirondacks aesthetic:


“Sometimes it’s more about the hair than the makeup, this may be one of those looks,” Lisa laughed. “I call this a ‘mountain wave’, rather than a beach wave. It’s kind of the same concept, but more polished, a little less ‘messy’ and a little more refined. I create it by using a big curling iron, 1.5-inch is best, and rather than curling it, I twist it and wrap it around the barrel. And I don’t curl the ends, just that middle section of the hair, and that’s essentially for texture. I also do just a little backcombing right at the roots for volume. As for products, as I’m curling I use my go-to Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek to defrizz, and then set it with Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray.”


“Well, for starters, the same thing I preach every single time: SUNSCREEN. But especially today, because it’s going to be a scorcher! Nutrogena UltraSheer is a great rec and it won’t break the bank. Other than that, just a little bit of Clé de Peau concealer to smooth out any unevenness. I’m not doing ANY base or foundation, which is very important. I want them to look fresh-faced, I want Lozzie’s freckles to show.”


“Furry and blurry! I want them soft, but full, with no hard edge, so I use shadow rather than any kind of liner or gel. A Brooke Shields vibe, kind of ‘American fresh’.”


“I’m not really using a shadow, not in a traditional sense anyway. I’m taking a very fine brush and applying Urban Decay “Dark Horse” only along upper and lower lash line. Just lightly brush it around the waterline; you don’t want it to look like a shadow or like a liner. Softer. And of course, no mascara.”


“Again, I’m layering two shades to get to the look I want. First layer is pink, second layer is rust, right on the apple of the cheek. It’s almost a Marie Antoinette look for a second, before we blend. I recommend doing this with a cream blush, because it allows the colors to layer and blend better than a powder. I used RMS’s cream blush in Demure and Spell.”


“I chose kind of a dusty rose hue from my Viseart lip palette, one that would complement the shade on the cheeks. Treat it pretty much like a stain. Apply it to the center, let it soften out toward the edges.”


We “polished” off the Adirondacks look with OPI’s “This isn’t Greenland” nail color. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, the models have to paint their own nails.)

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