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November 28, 2021 2 min read

As universal as the holiday spirit is, the décor is entirely individual. 

“There is no right way to decorate a tree,” Cheryl said. “Sometimes it’s rooted in tradition or nostalgia. There was one year as the kids were nearing graduation that we did a tree entirely of their homemade ornaments from their school years, and lord knows there were a handful of their toddler years that our tree was bottom-heavy because they really wanted to help. But at this phase of my life, and as a designer, there is a satisfaction to getting to curate the tree and coordinate the décor.”

If you’re struggling to style your surroundings, here are some pro tips:


“Much like this collection, my color scheme is not exactly monochromatic, but it stays in a wintery scheme – silvers, golds, winter whites and greyed blues. I think it lends a striking sophistication and a focused feel. I carry that into my wrapping as well, it all coordinates and feels very cohesive.”


“I’ve waxed poetic about my love of whimsies, and my tree is one of my favorite ways to display them. I have collected so many over the years that I’m able to suit every scheme, so I just add a hook to them and add them in. Honestly, that’s probably when they get the most attention; people are always fascinated by what one hangs on their tree.”


“You have to have a little glitz. Mercury glass is another of my favorite ways to add sparkle with a nice vintage feel, but I also love to incorporate classic glittered ball ornaments or even tiny mirrored disco-like balls that reflect the lights from the tree, something subtle that just spreads the spirit of the season.”


Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like singing along to the songs of the season! Here is a Spotify playlist we curated to get you ready for Christmas the country way:

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