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May 26, 2024 2 min read

When it came to styling Ranch Romance, we couldn’t resist retro. Everything about the aesthetic and inspiration was steeped in nostalgia – first loves, sepia-tone summers, a bygone age – so for us, that felt somewhere in the ‘70s and you know what that means… tooling and trophy buckles!

“We really had three main go-to belts that featured pretty heavily in styling Ranch Romance,” Cheryl said. “Which is unusual, honestly – ask Hedy, we normally have dozens we have to load up and lug around for a shoot! – and in some catalogs we never repeat a belt. But these belts were just ‘it’. And their versatility was imperative, actually; that’s what made them fit the feel. Because this was a young-love-summer collection, so when you think about the style stage you’re in at that point in your life, you’re wearing the same belt dang near every day, ya know? It's your signature.”


The strap is key to the vibe. We strongly suggest vintage if you can get your hands on one – the tooling is always so true to the time period, and you simply can’t fake (or beat) a good patina. Otherwise, our advice is 1) keep it medium in width – able to fit in your belt loops, but wide enough that the tooling makes sense; and 2) stay somewhat neutral in shade – this collection is colorful on its own so you’ll want it to be versatile, and it’s best if the buckle is the star.


While we do think a ranger-style buckle could work with some styles in this summer collection, it was ‘trophy buckle or bust’ for us. Think a big solid shape (likely rectangle or round) that makes a statement. Perhaps it’s scrolled silver, perhaps it’s intricate inlay, or perhaps it’s beautifully beaded. You’ll know your style when you see it.

Which brings us to our final point…


Honestly, this is the most important part – and not just for these belts, but for all accessories. It’s gotta suit you. In every sense. Don’t force a fit, don’t chase a trend. Like buying art, investment accessories should speak to you, even if they don’t make sense to anyone else.

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