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September 11, 2022 2 min read

There are some signature elements that will always be associated with Double D Ranch; they don’t necessarily define us, but they are part of our DNA and brand identity, things that you can count on. Serapes, blanket patterns, bandana prints.

In the Walker collection, we’re bringing bandana back in a bold way. A shift from the expected hues of Americana, we are playing with another trend that’s been on our design radar lately: analogous colors. Quick refresher (the average person probably doesn’t reserve space in their brain to store color theory and terminology): colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are complementary colors, colors next to each other are analogous. Complementary colors contrast in a way that is pleasing to the eye, for example, the quintessential color combo in much of southwestern jewelry, turquoise and orange. Inversely, analogous colors are harmonious, they emphasize each other in a way. You saw this with bold blues and purples in Folk Foray, sunset yellows and oranges in Traveling Show. In Walker, it comes to life in analogous hues emblematic of autumn, burnt oranges and russet reds.

While you’ll see several iterations of this color concept throughout the collection – the Devil’s Rope Top, the Overland Outfit Sweatshirt, the Bar X Car Coat – it’s really perfectly exemplified and executed in the Stockman’s Bandana print. By nature, bandana print lends a certain versatility for experimenting with design; elements of it are so recognizable that it can be completely rearranged and reimagined in entirely unexpected color combinations, and yet you still instantly know what you’re looking at and what it represents, i.e. the Western lifestyle. It’s able to be simultaneously familiar and fresh.

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