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November 16, 2019 2 min read


What happens when you take your best-selling silhouette and blend it with your love for Native American style? The Apache Blend Jacket.

This jacket is one of our absolute favorites from this collection (and y’all’s too, it seems!) and it truly lives up to its name: we really are blending a lot of elements together to create this gorgeous garment.

For starters, the base itself is unique. Rather than a plain, solid leather like you see in several of our signature jackets, the Apache Blend features a mosaic of beautiful Native American-inspired patterns printed over the entirety of the jacket, giving it an unusual appeal.

Atop that, we’ve incorporated a hand-embroidered element that is a blend of blanket-weaving and stitch work in the bold designs that appear on the back and shoulders of the jacket. The unique style of this applique and the gorgeous complementary colors add texture and vibrancy to the already eye-catching jacket.

And then come the accents! The collars and cuffs are lined with luxurious fur, which gives it a really irresistible “look at me” quality. The bottom of the jacket is edged with long leather fringes for a little sass and movement. And we can’t forget the studding – what’s a great jacket without a little metal?

So, like we said, when designing this jacket, we “blended” a little bit of everything we love about a jacket into this particular one, and we must say – it worked!

For those of us who live in the sweltering southern states (read: don’t get the opportunity to wear leather jackets all that often), we’ve adapted this fan-favorite into the absolutely to-die-for Apache Blend Vest. We love it over a simple button-down and jeans, but we can totally picture it layered over a dress, too! And, if you’re loving the look, you can also capture the essence in a more casual look with the Apache Blend Top.

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