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April 10, 2022 1 min read

We’ve long adored Annie Sloan – as a person as well as a visionary – and in our recent reinvigoration of the DDR Home offerings, we were able to align with her to create some pretty fabulous and fun furniture.

“Annie has a unique, remarkable understanding of and appreciation for color,” Cheryl said. “Her paints are incredible because she’s not afraid to be intense. I believe that’s why we sync so well; we’re both interested in pushing the envelope a little, creating conversation-starters. It’s been a lot of fun to pair her paints with our fabrics – color is the name of the game!”

Annie publishes a periodical, a “bookazine” if you will, called The Colourist and we are featured in her most recent issue, showcasing the Sunday’s Best Chair and mentioning our current craft of refinishing vintage chairs with our signature style.

Speaking of our signature style, our girl Annie is rocking some DDR alongside the intro to the issue!

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