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January 23, 2022 1 min read

Animal print is evergreen and hair-on hide always adds a little element of #extra. We combined them with a little western spin as the perfect complement to your Wild Horses look.

“We did a paint-pony inspired look on a pretty big scale in the print pieces, the dress and poncho and things,” Cheryl explained. “But with the hair-on pieces, we wanted it to be more of a ‘punctuation’ to your look. Like the finishing touch, the exclamation point.”

So, we kept it limited to preserve its exceptionalism. In Wild Horses, you’ll find it in two iterations, the High Horse Vest and the Chrome Jacket.

“With the High Horse Vest, I decided to use the pony hair-on hide all over, and I did that for a couple reasons,” said Cheryl. “For starters, I consider it a neutral and the pattern isn’t too in-your-face, so you can wear it year-round and with virtually anything, from a denim workshirt to a little black dress. And secondly, a vest is almost an accessory, so you want it to really add something to your outfit, and the High Horse does that. For the jacket, I wanted it to be the accent. The silhouette is a classic cut and it’s a solid suede, so again, I consider the pony pattern a neutral, and it was a way to add an exciting element that is still timeless.”

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