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Call of the Wild Is: WILD ABOUT GOLD

October 09, 2012 1 min read

The third section of Double D Ranch'sCall of the Wild, our Fall 2012 collection is titled 'Wild About Gold' and for good reason. The glitz and flash of the wild is in full force as our Call of the Wild gal gets a gold rush. .

Wild About Gold is sumptuous and luxurious, but purposely aged for a worn and experienced look. I used extensive amounts of gold and silver metallics that are tamed down with rich tones of warm grays, burnt hennas, and rich almonds to get a sleek, high-tech polish look that evolves to become undone by a mix of raw and rough textures such as wood, leather & scrap metal. . I also looked at the wild and crazy American Gold Rush period and the spirit of the prospectors, miners, and hordes of followers. Not so much for fit and style, but just to get in the mindset of someone traveling across the countryside in search of buried fortunes. It must have been a rough life.

Unless you struck gold..literally!

. . . .

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