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Longmire Premiering This June!!

May 24, 2012 2 min read

............ Craig Johnson is a New York Times Best Selling author and we are proud to call him a friend. His wife Judy owns Bucking Buffalo in Sheridan, Wyoming and she has bought from Double D for years. Craig would accompany Judy at Denver markets to see the line. Our visits would be up to 3 hours full of shared stories. On a flight into Denver, Audrey was reading an article inCowboys and Indians for a short story contest that Craig was participating in. She didn't even realize it was OUR Craig Johnson! . . Craig used to be a New York Policeman, but left the big city, headed West, and has written eight novels since. His Sheriff Walt Longmire novels includeThe Cold Dish,Death Without Company,Kindness Goes Unpunished,Another Man's Moccasins,Junkyard Dogs,The Dark Horse,and Hell Is Empty.In 2012, theA&E TV series LONGMIRE was greenlit for production with a Summer 2012 premier date.


. This series is based on Craig's books! Per A&E's website the series follows Walt Longmire, as he tries to get back on his feet after struggling with the death of his wife. With the help of his daughter Cady, the new deputy Victoria and his best friend Henry, Walt decides to run for re-election against Branch, a young deputy in the department who also wants the sheriff position of Absaroka County, a fictional county in the State of Wyoming. . Last season,  we designed a jacket based on Craig and his mystery novels.  On Double D Ranch's Cady Longmire Jacket, named after Sheriff  Longmire's daughter, Cady, the jacket hasCraig Johnson's words  literally written all over a jacket.When you buy this jacket,you also get a signed copy ofCraig's The Cold Dish! Cady by the way also wears Double D Ranch in all of the Longmire series - how cool is that?!

. . Craig's wife Judy wore the Cady Longmire Jacket to the A&E celebration announcing the series! Wow! .


June 3 is the premier and it will show every Sunday night at 10pm. SET YOUR DVR's! Doesn't this look fantastic!? You should watch this crime thriller because it's beautifully written and anything shot in Santa Fe just looks gorgeous...but also because you might be seeing some Double D on a special character mid-season!

. We've just been asked by the LONGMIRE costume designer to send a few items. Here's what they asked for! . . I got the idea for the Cady Longmire Jacket after  I saw an old cowboy hat that commemorated an event by writing all over it. We scribbled quotes from Craig's book series along with some other detail work that readers of his books, will hopefully appreciate. .. . Here's a photo Craig took while on set. Apparently our hero rolls his Bronco! . . . . .

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