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Photo Clues Week 3!

As in previous weeks, our Summer Photo Treasure Hunt rules can be found by visiting THIS blog post. Let's get to our 3rd set of photo clues! Only 2 more weeks! .

1. Double D on the river. 2. Double D with a DDR retail store owner. 3. Double D at a landmark.




So get out your favorite Double D and snap a photo of yourself at/near/creatively with these things or places! Each clue above (and over the next month) should be individual photos. Meaning each number and description, “Double D on the river” is it’s own photo.


Remember, post these to our Facebook page as you take them, BUT in order to be in the running for our largest prizes ever, hold onto all your photos and at the end of June, email your pictures to us at the end of the month!

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