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Prairie Home Companion & Andra Suchy

We were recently introduced to Andra Suchy (pronounced Sookie) who is a regular on the live radio variety show: A Prairie Home Companion

(yes with Garrison Keillor, yes the radio show that THIS movie was based off of, and yes the radio show with over 4 million listeners each week).

. She's also a professional singer and produced artist,

a national jingle performer, and a Double D gal.

And I really like her sound!

. Photo credits to American Public Media. .

Check out her Facebook page here. Listen to her MySpace music page here. And A Prairie Home Companion Facebook page here.


Sing on Andra! Sing on!

. Here is Andra and Mr. Keillor singing a few "romantic" duets.

. Below is a clip from the 2006 movie about the celebrated live radio show. Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin sing My Minnesota Home:

. . .
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