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by Cheryl McMullen February 08, 2010 2 min read

DoubleTake is a fun monthly feature looking back at the pages of 1990 Vogue and reminiscing about Double D Ranch fledgling start-up year.

Vogue, February 1990

Editor: Anna Wintour

Newsstand Price: $3

Cover Model: Cindy Crawford

Note: Four of the Big Six Supermodels of the 90s were featured in this issue.  To find out how much you know about supermodels, take the quiz at the end of today's post. .
Cindy changed the perception of the sexy American girl from classic blue eyed blond to a more sultry brunette with brains, charm, and professionalism to spare. - Michael Kors
Christy Turlington looking very Jackie O-ish and still working twenty years later
Unknown model sporting long jackets for ladies who lunch
Unknowns with fashion still loitering from the 80's
. .
Linda Evangelista: my personal favorite of the Supermodels


Early classic Guess? ad with Claudia Schiffer, - notice the mommy jeans.

Guess' name became really much more known around the world because [of] Claudia - Paul Marciano
Classic Donna Karan ad: Still beautiful twenty years later.
ads with fashion still loitering from the 80's
More leftover 80's fashion - if the polka dots, plaids, stripes and florals don't get ya - how about the white hose leftover from the Lady Di days of the early 80's?
OK, if you had to wear one, which would it be?
big hair and Joan Jett hair
Mommy vans in Vogue!
. And finally a list of activities for the first full month of business (if you want to call it that) of Double D Ranch twenty years ago:
  • a futile attempt at sourcing Indian trade blankets
  • doing our day job and measuring for drapes
  • a futile attempt at sourcing silver concho buttons
  • doing our day job and calculating square feet of wallpaper
  • a somewhat successful trip to a San Antonio pattern maker who helped get us pointed in the right direction
  • doing our day job and scheduling carpet installations
  • secured a temporary booth space at the Dallas Apparel Mart


Do you know the difference between a 'Supermodel" and a "Super Hero"?

Take Double D Ranch's supermodel trivia quiz to test your knowledge.


We'd love to hear back from you with your comments and scores.

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