Tiger Cat Tunic

Size Guide

You’ll likely never hear us say anything is the “new black” – we love it too much and it’s too essential – but man, we are really loving the trend of embracing animal print as the new neutral. We are all for the idea of enhancing your everyday look, and fashion is trending toward funky these days, so the concept of swapping out solid staples for a kickass cat print is going mainstream, and we. are. here for it.

In Matagorda, we’re bringing you leopard you can love in every form and fashion. This button-down tunic is an excellent iteration of the animal print. It has a simple, long-sleeved silhouette that falls below the hips, lending a hint of conservative balance to the exotic print that makes it so easy to wear and pair!

  • color: cheetah print
  • content: 100% polyester
  • embellishment: custom print, embroidery, rhinestones
  • size: XS-2X
  • fit: relaxed
  • style number: T3311
  • collection: Matagorda
  • limited stock available