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Private Fimbel Jacket

Color: gully

The Private Fimbel pieces are especially meaningful to us. These military-inspired garments are a nod to our Uncle Mike Fimbel whose deployment to Vietnam is a distinct part of our childhood, as well as our cousin (his grandson) Logan, who is currently serving our country. “Though it took place overseas, during that era, the war seemed to be everywhere you looked, even in the clothing,” Cheryl recalled.

“Everyone was wearing POW bracelets, and CPO jackets, and even fatigues were turned into fashion.” The Private Fimbel Jacket reflects that in an Army-esque color scheme with accents and embroidery that also made an impact on us growing up. It can be worn open over a tank or tee like a jacket, or buttoned up and worn as a top; a great transitional piece for fall. 

  • color: gully
  • content: 60% cotton, 40% poly
  • embellishment: printed stripe, printed imagery, embroidery, beading, applique, custom patches
  • size: XS-2X
  • fit: loose
  • style number: C2698
  • collection: Matagorda
  • limited stock available


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