Pin, Cluster, Turquoise, Grandmother, Vintage, 476

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This piece is a big deal. 

Measuring 4” in diameter, it is literally big, but it’s also attributed to renowned Zuni jewelry artisan Fannie Weethobee Ondelacy, who was known for her cluster work, pendants, and collar pins. This beautiful pin is what is known as a grandmother cluster; legend has it that the center stone is the grandmother, and each outer ring represents her being surrounded by her children and grandchildren. This one is made up of a combination of snake eye and oval turquoise stones, sterling silver drops, half moons, and twist wire details. It’s absolutely stunning and the kind of statement piece that’s destined to become a beloved heirloom.

Fannie Weebothee Ondelacy (1920 - deceased; Auni). Cluster work; pendants; collar pins. Fannie Ondelacy shared the stamps with her husband Wayne Ondelacy.  Sister of Lee Weebothee.

Marks:F W O; F. W. ONDELACY; F. W. Ondelacy (script)
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